Another Blog?

The room in Wartburg Castle where it is believed Martin Luther translated the Bible into the German language

Why am I blogging? Who really cares? I’m not sure, but honestly, I need an outlet!

For some time now I have been reading various posts around the internet. Sometimes I’m encouraged by their content and sometimes I’m frustrated.  My frustration often grows as I scroll down and read the comments to some of those posts (I’m starting to learn not to do this!). Sometimes I’ll leave a comment too, but it gets lost in all the others so I seldom do that anymore.  So I needed a place where I could voice my opinions, where  I could have my say.

I thought of naming this blog “Here I Stand” reasoning that I’d be making big, bold statements, kind of like Martin’s (you know, “Here I stand . . .).  But who am I fooling? Much of my thinking is just that:  thinking.  Nothing new, nothing really spectacular, just my thoughts on various subjects.  More than anything though, as I write my thoughts I begin to understand them better.  As I hear from others about those thoughts I learn a little more and either refine or confirm what I believe.

Hopefully, my posts will be meaningful to more than just myself.  Hopefully, someone will stumble across something I’ve said and will be encouraged, moved, motivated or even changed.  Hopefully, God will be glorified in what I say and in what I and others may be called to do as a result.


4 comments on “Another Blog?

  1. Thank you, Sir, for your thinking. My own thoughts-and heartstrings-are spurred by information such as you mentioned from the internet that constantly belittle God and His Word. I recently read the little book by Dr. W. E. McCumber, entitled This Jesus, written shortly before his death in Dec., 2010. My feelings exactly. You have excited me with the facts that not all Christians (or even Nazarenes) are interested in pushing the idea that only the highly educated are smart enough to understand the world or the Bible. God has been put into their “little box”. I have begun to read your responses and appreciate all that I have read thus far. Please continue for your benefit, as well as mine and untold others who do not wish to push God aside in order to put themselves ahead. God Bless.

  2. Hey Daryl,

    I’m a veteran and am just finishing up a book that I think can be of value to a particular group of active duty and veterans. It’s not for kids, but I was wondering if you’d be interested in reading it and letting me know what you think. I didn’t discover chaplains until I had one deployment under my belt, and have kicked myself ever since because I had read Catch-22. “The first time Yossarian saw the chaplain he fell madly in love with him.” Anyhow, it’s a quick read, 140 pages. Let me know where I can send a pdf if you’re interested. It’s called “The Divorce and Doom of Simon Pastor.”


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