World’s Best Dad

It’s not very often when one can say, “hey, did you know my son’s in a band?”  It’s even less often when one can say, “have you heard my son’s CD?”  And you probably never hear, “my son’s CD was mastered by a Grammy Award winner”!  Well, I can say these things.

Before you comment that I’m abusing my blog for the commercial promotion of my son’s CD, let me share the title of it with you, it’s called: “World’s Best Dad”!  Grant it, my son just plays the mandolin and guitar on the album, but still . . . “World’s Best Dad”!

The band that he’s in is called Eddie Doldrum.  Not a Christian band.  While I’ve heard some of their music, I admit that I have not listened to all of it and I certainly haven’t scrutinized the lyrics.  For all I know, the “World’s Best Dad” could be some drunken bum who buys his kids and their friends drugs.  But let’s hope not!  I really don’t think that my son would be a part of such a work.  Even if he would, I can honestly and without hesitation say that I have never bought drugs for him or his friends!  In fact, he was several years old before he even got candy; we used to give him raisins and call them “nature’s candy”!

So, if you’ll accept a proud father’s shameless promotion of his son’s creativity, consider taking a look at his album.  You can find information about it here.


2 comments on “World’s Best Dad

  1. my dad also shamelessly promoted our album! (i’m sam. i live with jacob and sing/write the songs. [nice to meet you.]) he also has never bought his son(s) drugs. once/if you ever do scrutinize the lyrics, it’s more of a look at the whole world than at any of the member’s real fathers.

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