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Post Thanksgiving Hike and a Touching Methodist Civil War Story

This is a touching story of Christianity in action during and after the Civil War:

(Reblogged from Juicy Ecumenism)

Post Thanksgiving Hike and a Touching Methodist Civil War Story

(from:  http://juicyecumenism.com/2012/11/24/post-thanksgiving-hike-and-a-touching-methodist-civil-war-story/)by Mark Tooley, President of IRD

There’s no better place for a post Thanksgiving hike than Bull Run Battlefield in Virginia 30 miles outside Washington, DC. Although I’ve walked it dozens of times, yesterday I explored a new area around Sudley United Methodist Church and discovered a touching Civil War story about the congregation. Union troops streamed by shocked church goers on Sunday, July 21, 1861. Service was cancelled as the brick sanctuary quickly became a field hospital for Union troops. After the Union retreat, Confederate doctors joined the northern doctors who stayed behind, helped by church members. One New Hampshire soldier lying under a nearby fence with a chest wound was left for dead by busy doctors. But a local family who belonged to the church tended to him for many days, even building a makeshift shelter over his spot. He finally recovered sufficiently for relocation to a Richmond prison.

Twenty six years later the old soldier returned to thank the family for preserving his life, including the husband who had later served in the Confederate army.

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