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The Christian Life and the Liberal Right

Addie Darling offers a reasonable argument in this post . . . I encourage you to continue reading by following the link (above).

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By Addie Darling

Since the election, there have been numerous articles tolling the bell for the death of Christianity’s relevancy in the political sphere, as well as a continuing discussion over the future of Christian political activism. These claims seem to have a point: gay marriage was passed in three states, physician- assisted suicide met a narrow defeat in Massachusetts, and the President was largely supported by Catholics, even given the controversy between the President and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops over the HHS mandate and its effects on Catholic organizations.

Looking back at the discourse of the past month, I can’t help but wonder if – given the current dialogue- the alignment of traditional Christians with the goals of political parties- particularly the Republican party, will doom any attempt at salvaging a society that values human dignity, the family, and authentic justice. This is not necessarily…

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One comment on “The Christian Life and the Liberal Right

  1. Thank you for reblogging Addie’s article! Also, great article on life saving prayer.


    Juicy Ecumenism Team

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