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The Densford Family Sings … Christmas

Every good parent is proud of their children.  I am no exception.  At the risk of resembling one of those guys who bores his house guests with home movies, I want to share some of the Christmas performances by my children over the years. A couple of them are new while some you may have seen before, and the quality certainly isn’t professional, but . . .

With this post, I hope that you may be reminded of the joy of Christmas and even more, the Christ of Christmas!

This first one is from a past Sunday evening at the teen Christmas program.  Our youngest, Heidi, sings Away in a Manger with Holly:

This next one is from the school Christmas program at Tabernacle Christian Academy where Heidi and Julia attend a few years ago.  Heidi had the solo part in the class song, My Gift is Me:

Now I need to go back a few years, back to 1992, for these next three.  The first one is Hannah singing Away in a Manger (a popular Christmas carol!):

Again from 1992, here’s Jacob singing We Three Kings, though Hannah wants to join in!:

Jacob and Hannah try to team up in this last one from 1992, singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas:

Finally, this next one took no talent at all, but is very funny. All five of our kids are included in this Elf Yourself video (from Elf Yourself, if you’d like to try it):








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