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My Experience at the Asbury Outpouring

SATURDAY WAS GOOD, BUT NOT WHAT WE NEEDED On Saturday, February 18th my wife, Holly, my youngest daughter, Heidi, and I made the three-and-a-half-hour drive from Logan, West Virginia to Wilmore, Kentucky, home of Asbury University. This wasn’t the normal “college visit.” It wasn’t a vacation. It was more like a pilgrimage to experience God […]

To My Progressive Friends

Here’s a good “open letter” to “progressives” in the Church of the Nazarene, but applies to “progressive” Christians of any brand. It’s an honest but humble appeal. To My Progressive Friends A few days ago I received Rob Renfroe’s article “Three Requests of My Centrist Friends: An Open Letter.” Rev. Renfroe is the Pastor of […]

Can Theistic Evolutionists and Biblical Creationists have a Diaglogue?

I haven’t posted in a while about the encroachment of the theory of evolution into the Church but the recent debate between Bill Nye (the science guy) and Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis) has brought the issue back to the front of my thinking. There was also a recent conference at Point Loma Nazarene University called, “Exploring Origins: […]

Service Member Honored by Act of Compassion at Nazarene General Assembly

OK, I’m not certain that this was a service member, but based on the picture and the fact that he said he has PTSD, it is a reasonable assumption. As an Army Chaplain, my heart goes out to those who are surviving and recovering from over a decade of persistant conflict.  Most people who are […]

Is There a Future for “Holiness”?

Is There a Future for “Holiness”?

I remember the days when we heard alot about the “holiness movement.”  I’m not too young to remember when holiness was the major theme that was both promoted by the denomination of which I am a part as well as regularly preached from the pulpit.  I remember when “Holiness unto the Lord” was more than […]