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To My Progressive Friends

Here’s a good “open letter” to “progressives” in the Church of the Nazarene, but applies to “progressive” Christians of any brand. It’s an honest but humble appeal.


To My Progressive Friends

A few days ago I received Rob Renfroe’s article “Three Requests of My Centrist Friends: An Open Letter.” Rev. Renfroe is the Pastor of Discipleship at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in Texas. His letter so resonated with my spirit that I felt led to share his sentiments. The UMC is dealing with a lot of tension as it pertains to sexuality and marriage, as are we all. I had a difficult time with some of his terminology as he related to the various voices within the UMC. What he identified as “centrists” I recognize as “progressives.” What centrists in the UMC call the “far right,” progressives in the CotN call “ultra-conservative-fundamentalists.” Nonetheless, the heart of his message reverberated deeply with me. I actually wept as I read his words. I have used his letter as a direct source for the following thoughts as they pertain to the Church of the Nazarene (a link to his letter is attached below).

Over the past couple of years I have been dialoguing with pastors in the Church of the Nazarene who identify themselves as “progressives.” I have grown to appreciate many of these leaders. I believe they genuinely love Jesus and desire to impact the world with the gospel. They are extremely compassionate and care deeply about the future of the church.

As much as I love these folks, I am also aware of how differently we view some very important issues. At the center of the conversation is sexuality. It is improbable that we will ever agree on what the church should teach regarding sexuality. I find their arguments for changing the church’s position on this issue out of harmony with everything we use to measure truth. Biblically, theologically, and scientifically their arguments for same-sex monogamous relationships simply don’t work.

I hate the idea . . . (Continue reading at BrianLPowell)







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  1. I appreciate a man who will tell the truth no matter what.

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