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Some of my thoughts on . . . the recent U.S. election.

Well, my candidate didn’t win but at least he fared pretty well with nearly half of the popular vote. It definitely wasn’t a landslide or a mandate for President-elect Obama. I think many voters are tired from the difficulties of the last 8 years (not all President Bush’s fault, remember he did have a democratic congress) and were willing to give new blood a try.

I don’t think that President-elect Obama is the best choice of new blood, though– I think he’s a bit too new, with no executive experience and hardly any legislative experience. He does seem to have decent education and has a knack for raising money, though. Hopefully he’ll surround himself with strong and knowledgeable advisors who will help him do what’s best for the country, but then that looks an awful like child-monarchs whose countries were ruled through them by their advisors.

It was an historical election, though. I’m proud to be an American when I see an African-American be elected to our highest office. I do think, however, that his race is what got him elected more than his policies or even President Bush’s low approval rating. This is evidenced by the high minority turn-out this election. But, I will give him a chance and see if he really is my president –and not just the liberals & African-American’s president– as he said in his acceptance speech.


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