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If I was elected as a representative . . .

by Daryl Densford on Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 8:13am ·

Obama ran an un-believable campaign. His use of technology to get out the vote is unsurpassed in American history and I think that is a trend of the future. If I was ever to be elected a representative (who knows?), I would use this technology even further.

Beyond what Obama did to have folks sign up to hear from him, I’d have them sign up so that I could hear from them. I would send out regular messages about votes that were coming up in the Legislature, what the issue is about and how it would impact them. I would ask for their response, then (and I know this would take powerful software & probably at least one staffer) I would tabulate the results and consider what it means to represent those people. Then, instead of them having to search out my voting record, I would follow-up the vote by contacting them again with the results that I received from them, how I voted and why.

While representatives are elected based on who they are and what their philosophies of the issues are, based on what they said in their campaigns & their previous voting record (if any), I think that by involving the people who elected you in the legislative process, you would truly be their representative.


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