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Abortion and President Obama

Well, it didn’t take long for president Obama to wipe away one of the protections of unborn life that President bush (re) established after President Clinton wiped it away after President Reagan established it–that is the cutting off of federal funding for international organizations that offer abortions or discuss it as an alternative.

It’s not unexpected. Everybody knows that, for the most part, Democrats oppose the rights of un-born children while Republicans support them and whenever either party is in control they do what they can to “correct” what the other party did when they were in power. . . what a system we have!

I was ammused by an “anti-life” supporter (they call us “anti-choice”!) who said what President Obama did helps the underpriviledge. She went on to say that low-income people have the right to family planning. Well, there’s a serious flaw in her statement: Abortion is NOT family planning! Abortion is what you do when did NOT have family planning! Family planning is deciding when you want to get pregnant and using proper counterceptives to prevent pregnancy if you plan not to have a family yet. This, of course, all being done within the confines of a monogomous, one man and one wife, marriage.

That’s all I want to say about that right now . . .


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