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Political Defeat as an Opportunity

the-cnn-presidential-debate-descended-into-an-epic-no-holds-barred-brawlI think I’ve done pretty good not commenting on politics this election season (either original posts or on others’ posts) like I have in past presidential elections. But while I’ve been relatively silent, I’ve been amazed at the wide range of feelings I’ve seen in my FB feed from both sides of the political and religious spectrum. Some I agree with (from both sides) and some I have to wonder what box of crazy they’ve been eating from (again, from both sides).
I think this is an important presidential election, though. Either the momentum toward what many Conservatives view as a slide deeper into government-sanctioned immorality and what Progressives view as expanded rights and freedoms will continue (with all its many facets) or what history has shown -and biblical prophecy foretells- is inevitable will be slowed for at least 4 more years.
Ballot boxPart of the problem is that so much of the eventual outcome depends on the candidate the Republicans ultimately present. So what is the GOP to do? Hijack the populist vote from the primaries and have a brokered or open convention? What will that say to the voters? Won’t that ultimately short-circuit any possibility of a fair vote in the nation-wide election by ignoring the apparent will of the people and tainting the power of the ballot box? Doesn’t that just go against what the GOP says they stand for in an attempt to accomplish what the GOP says they’re needed for?
I have no plans to leave the U.S. regardless of who is elected president (though I do reserve the right to several days of mourning). Our system is still among the best in the world and I remain proud to be an American even with the scars and warts that people complain about. If the candidate that I think is best for our country isn’t elected, that’s just the way it is, and the nature of our political system. The same system that enables my opponent to get elected is the same system that makes it possible for my candidate to get elected. The election results may mean a few more years of internal turmoil, but it also means continued opportunity to focus on what is really important at the level we can have an impact: Individual lives. People in need. Souls searching for redemption. Our local community.
Helping-the-homeless1If we can’t rely on our elected officials or government to do what we think needs to get done (because our candidate didn’t get elected), then we’re forced to do it ourselves- where we are. That, I believe, is where the rubber meets the road: not depending on others (whether a candidate, the government or any other institution) to do what is right, but to do it ourselves, where we can make a difference, where it really matters.
Just a thought.

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